Why Can't Politicians on Both Sides Get this?

Here is what people want...

They want health insurance.  They either want true affordable health insurance or Medicare for All.  Contrary to what people like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tell you many, many people have wondered for years why we don't have health insurance like Canada.

They want clean water and air.  What more can you say about this?  The statement speaks for itself.

They want job security.  They don't want to live in fear of tariffs or worry every day that their factory will move to China.

People want a decrease in the gun violence with securities that they're still able to go out and buy a gun for protection or hunting.

People, seniors and those who will get it in the future, want their Social Security and Medicare.  They want to know that it's secure- safe and waiting for them.  Yeah, you can still fight for Medicare for All while reassuring the masses that Medicare will be waiting for them.

They (and this is for the white people) don't want to be called a racist every 6 seconds by some rich, white or black politician who knows nothing about how they act or where they live.

They want to go to church without being slammed by the media or social media.  You know that term 'evangelical' really is a nasty word.  It makes you think of Jerry Falwell or Jim and Tammy Baker.  Why can't democratic politicians get this- yeah people who go to church aren't necessarily anti-gay, anti-abortion, etc.

People want forests.  I don't care what party you're in.  People like landscapes.  They appreciate trees, birds and the benefits of the woods.  The disregard for the landscapes in America is actually very disturbing.

People also want to be able to go to a place like Yellowstone without the fear of it being drilled by a bunch of greedy, Washington fools.

Believe it or not, people want the exotics to be protected.  Contrary to the exotic hunting idiots that you see on Twitter, there would be an absolute horror if polar bears (for example) disappeared.

Contrary to what you hear, people want good schools for their kids.  They want smart teachers, they want kids to learn.  Basically, people want charter schools.  Sure, it appeals to them, at first, but it's more or less like trying a new piece of candy.

People don't want media insults.  Think about it- if you're in rural America aren't you getting fed-up with a smart-ass on CNN or MSNBC calling you 'uneducated?'

Do you want me to go on?

I don't think I need to because a lot of you are smart enough to get this.  The question is- will any of the idiots in Washington get it?


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