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Shove It Senator Warren

Senator, your act is old and your hysteria really has given me a headache.

What's baffling though is this sudden time warp that we're in.  In 2016, it was all about Hillary and her constant fighting for, "women and children" and now we have you, Senator Warren, "the person who gets it done."  The media is spooning it into America like it's chocolate pudding and in the last couple of weeks, I notice that smirk on your face has gotten bigger.

Lady, please, please enlighten me of all this wonderful legislation you've come up with.  Go ahead- Bernie Sanders has his on record.  The man literally had the title 'amendment king' but as for you- I really don't get this.  You laughed at Bernie's recent speech on socialism, your as war-addicted as Hillary, you helped give that nut in the White House more money for the military- you cheered for Trump when he bellowed, 'No socialism.'

I think what gets me is that you're really no bet…

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