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20 Questions for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I don't want to blog about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- believe me I don't.

I think she's whiney, immature, narrow-minded and really opportunistic.  I don't believe in her sincerity and like A LOT of women in Washington I think she's an intellectual snob. Sure, she's smart but my god her arrogance is evident and it's growing. Despite what a lot of my online pals might think I think she'd sell the common man out in a second just to get ahead.

So, what's my point?

The feeding-frenzy involving this person is downright scary.  The fact that she can say and do anything without any accountability is even scarier.  The fact that people are 'afraid' of her because they're so terrified of being ripped on Twitter is the scariest though of them all.  With all of that being said this woman needs to answer some questions and here are 20 that I would love to ask her.

1.  You made it a point to tell everyone how broke you were on Twitter many, many times.…

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