The Blackmailing President

So, it's the longest shutdown in history.

Are you really that surprised?

We have a president who is only there to rape this country's finances.  He has no empathy, brains or even rational thinking.  The only thing he's actually good at is conning people which is why he's president today.  The fact that this guy- who doesn't give a damn about anyone in this country is holding the country hostage just to please a section of the population that screamed: 'Build that wall' makes me sick. The big question is how in the hell is this country supposed to move on from this?  The damage he's doing is getting to the point of being irreparable.  So, now what Nancy?


How about it, Mitch?

Do you know what? f I was a republican senator I would be furious with Mitch McConnell.  The fact that the marble-mouthed creep won't even bring anything up for a vote is disgusting.  It also signifies more and more what a fixed system we live in.  Mitch McConnell has no fear of losing money, power or position.  His attitude can just make a person shake their head and go, "wow."

I don't really know what happened to the backbone in this country.  It seems like it vanished with the dawning of the Internet.  The Internet has literally turned people into lazy, irresponsible citizens who lack socialization skills and don't know how to think.  Let me stress the 'don't know how to think part.'  The idea that this country- every single person of voting age isn't absolutely disgusted with what Trump's doing is a really sad, sad outlook on this country.


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